Volunteer LinkUp

An online marketplace to directly match people with disabilities to volunteers to help with daily life

Find the right volunteers for you

Do you need volunteer help?

Are you a person with a disability needing volunteer help?
Would you like to bypass organisations, charities, red tape and approval processes?
Do you want to set your own tasks you need help with and exactly how you want to be helped?
Would you like to choose your own volunteer?

Then Volunteer Linkup is the platform for you.
Cut out the middle people and get directly matched with volunteers.
Get the help you need, exactly how you want it.

Provide the services that suit you

Do you want to Volunteer?

Are you a volunteer, or would like to volunteer?
Are you tired of all the red tape and business processes of large corporate organisations or charities?
Do you want to personally pick and choose the people you help and the exact volunteer work you perform?

Then Volunteer Linkup is the platform for you.
Cut out the middle people and get directly matched with people you can help.
You will choose the type of help you provide.


Choice and control for help with daily living

What is volunteer linkup

20% of the world’s population is disabled.
They need help with so many regular daily tasks that Government health schemes don’t cover.

25% of USA adult population volunteer their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. 
But there is no current system or tool to directly match volunteers with disabled people.

Many disability organisations act as unwanted and unnecessary gatekeepers.
This prevents direct matching and empowerment.

People with disabilities want choice and control around their own lives and assistance.

We want to build Volunteer LinkUp to help.

We also want to empower volunteers to assist people exactly how they want, when they want.

Volunteer LinkUp will be all about flexibility and empowerment.
We need you to register your interest and help spread the word.


Complete the form below to register your interest.
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